One pound (lb.) of essiac herb mix makes about 4 gallons of tea, enough to last a person taking a daily 1 oz. dose well over a year and a person taking 2 oz. daily around 7-8 months.

The final amount (true yield) of tea resulting from brewing any mix depends on “water loss”, some from boiling but mostly what is retained in the herb residue after you drain/strain off the tea (even after squeezing the daylights out of residue). The gallon of water you started out with may end up as just 3 quarts of tea (maybe more, or less).

Recommended Suppliers of Essiac Tea


“Organic Essiac Tea”

1 lb. Price: $27.00

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Description: A blend of organic burdock root, organic sheep sorrel, organic turkish rhubarb root and organic slippery elm.

From their site: Starwest is dedicated to providing the freshest and purest botanicals. We strive to offer only those herbs and spices with verified quality. All of our products emerge from the combined efforts of everyone at Starwest – from our expert purchasers, to experienced lab technicians and machine operators, to our service-oriented, knowledgeable sales staff.

Essiac Facts has tested and highly recommends Starwest Botanicals as the correct recipe and herbs.

Mountain Rose Herbs

Organic Essiac Blend

1 lb. Price: $29.00

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Traditional recipe blend, organic and wildharvested ingredients.

Contains: organic Burdock Root, organic Sheep Sorrel powder, organic Slippery Elm bark powder, and organic Turkey Rhubarb root powder. Instructions are included.

They also sell essiac herbs individually in quantities as low as 4 oz. This is ideal for people who like to mix their own herbs and can be bought in quantities so that all four herbs will used up around the same time. Also good for people who grow their own sheep sorrel or burdock and only need to buy slippery elm and turkey rhubarb.

Essiac Facts tested and highly recommends Mountain Rose as the correct recipe and herbs. Also noteworthy is the price per pound for their essiac blend has not gone up in over ten years!

Rene Caisse always wanted essiac tea to be affordable and accessible to everyone. Although there are many options for buying essiac tea, these two suppliers are the best balance between price and quality that we have found over the years.

Again, many other brands of essiac may be just fine. These are the best bulk essiac blends I have tested, used and currently recommend. Other essiac tea reviews will be added in the future as I can afford to obtain and evaluate them.