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Submitted by Thomas Smith - Jan. 18th 2015

I was diagnosed with level 3 melanoma cancer in 1995. It metastasized to a gland in my forearm. It was confirmed at UCI Cancer clinic. Well, I was told that it was not a good thing, and that I need to prepare for a battle.

I started a Essiac tea regiment. In Four weeks the tumor in my arm disappeared and became a scar ball. My immune system identified the cancer and killed it. I know this because when the doctors went in to remove the tumor and opened up the spot on my arm – this is what they found.
I have been cancer free for almost twenty years now. Go figure….

Submitted by Byron Spears - July 18th 2014

I took this as a skeptic to treat a worrisome looking pre-cancer skin condition, similar to what my Father had removed with surgery. One reason I tried it is because it was given to me free. A decade long slowly worsening ever increasing sore spot on my nose has vanished completely and other areas are following suit. I so wish I would have documented this – I would have never believed it. Now that I’m sold I wish the dry Cammas prairie tea I’m buying wasn’t so expensive! Any suggestions? I feel like if I could afford to up the amount I use the really bad areas would have a better chance of cure.

Submitted by opn4bzns - Nov. 17th 2013

March 2013 my wife was told she had cancer of the colon that had spread to her liver that showed 8 tumors. Her cancer markers, a cancer test of the blood, was over 2200…normal is under 5. She started chemo immediately and I started her on Essiac Tea…3 ounces 3 times a day.

The Pet Scan taken in October 2013 showed the cancer in the colon was not even showing up on the scan any more…Doctor said it was asleep whatever that means. Only 1 tumor was found on the liver…7 are gone. Her cancer marker went from 2200 to 2.5 which is in the normal range. Doctor said in the beginning they can’t cure her cancer…just maybe prolong her life. Was it the Chemo or the Essiac that bought this wonderful change?…I don’t know, but her doctor is amazed at her progress, so we are going to continue the Essiac. Good luck to all of you out there.

Submitted by Claudia Baker - June 18th 2013

I happened to find this website today. A few years back, my dalmatian was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, and given 8 weeks to live maybe… I started cooking for her, cancer fighting foods and giving her Essiac Tea. She lived well over 2 1/2 years past what was hoped. I used to drink it as well. As I have gotten older, I forgot about what wonderful things this tea can do. I am going back on it!

Rita Berens - via Facebook April 9th 2013

I would like to put on here my experience with the tea. I was in such pain with my feet. I was thinking that the doctor would be telling me that the circulation was bad, and would eventually be removing my legs. I have to say that I have type 2 diabetes. I suffered for such a long time. It was numbness, cold, then hot, and such pain. I did not sleep and if my feet would touch or legs, it was horrible.

My sister whom had anal cancer, learned from her minister about essiac tea. She told me about it, as my doctor at the time seem to say “Go home and suffer”. I had a very hard time walking, let alone not getting any sleep. So she sent away for the sample. I notice a improvement. So I ordered a six month supply. The pain is not all gone. But I am able to sleep and can put my shoes on and walk.

No I am not walking miles. But I am up and on my feet. When you get to the point where you think, that they will cut off your legs, and it might be better. You know its bad. Thanking my sister daily that she recommended the tea, and that is there… will continue to use this as long as I am alive.I keep spreading the word about the tea,to whomever will listen.

Kirsty Miller - via Facebook April 1 2013

This tea is amazing I tell everyone I can about it! I started taking it for detoxing not realising the affected it would have on my skin! I have suffered bad skin eczema since I was a baby! This tea within two weeks of me taking it every day! New skin started to grow under my rough skin! The old skin shed like a snake better than any ointment or steroid cream!

A family member has liver disease I told her about the wonders of this tea which has helped shrink tumours! She started taking this and her viral load reduced by thousands! I tell everyone I can about the wonder of this tea! I’m In awe of its work! Thank u rene cassie Essiac Tea

Wendy Johnson - via Facebook Mar. 31 2013

I just wanted to post a success story I was diagnosed with cervical cancer a few yrs back and did not want to go through the chemo or surgery I decided the best treatment was essiac tea went back a yr later for recheck all tests came back negative for any cancer cells.

Last March our dog had a tumor removed from his leg which came back as positive for stage 3 mast cell cancer I decided to give him essiac for it. Our vet said his average life span would be 2 yrs without any treatment and maybe 3 yrs with radiation if he lived through it and would cost aprox $9000 for the treatment plus I would have to take him to a different state for the treatment.

Well today after his yearly checkup they were unable to find anymore tumors and also the lyme disease he has been plagued with for the last 3 yrs including head tremors from it seems to have completely cleared up!

Luis Guerrero - via Facebook Mar. 14 2013

Glad I found this page! 2 years ago i was diagnose with Psoriasis. Doctors tried to give me steroids and UV Radiation treatment etc….. to treat my psoriasis, it made my psoriasis worse.after a few appts with the Doctor, I started to refused any of that since i did not trust the US doctor’s & the government controlling them any more.

Throughout that time, my outbreaks got worse and worse. I started drinking Essiac tea daily, Morning /Lunch/Dinner! It wasn’t until about 3 weeks after that i started to see results. after the 4th week I ran out of tea but i continued to drink Water water water and fed my body foods high in nutrients that the body needs. 1 month after that, my psoriasis had dramatically reduce by 90%. 1 month after that my psoriasis had completely gone away.

Essiac Tea really restored my bodies immune system and gave it that spark of life to heal itself. For those reading this, if you have have or know someone that has psoriasis, Recommend them Essiac Tea! There is Hope

Stefania Viola - via Facebook Mar. 4th 2013

I too would like to contribute my success story.
Last September I was diagnosed with an endometrium (uterus) malignant tumor at stage1. Kind of caught my husband and I off balance because we were expecting totally different news, as we were trying to have children through assisted procreation. Must have been a sign that in this life it is not meant to be and our future was leading us in another direction.

We are immensily grateful that after two months a further isterioscopy with biopsy resulted I was clean and with no ailment. During those 2months I had taken Essiac.
A balanced mix of all the prayers our loved ones spent for me, plain good luck and Essiac therapy defiinately proved miraculous.

With the NewYear we also made our dream come true, adopting by distance 3 wonderful needy children. One door closes, but another more glorious one opens. Best of luck to whomever is in their moment of need!

Miracles happen.

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