Essiac Tea

Rene Caisse & The History of Essiac Tea

Rene Caisse at her clinic in Bracebridge, Ontario Rene Caisse was a Canadian nurse who used essiac to treat thousands of people throughout her life. She first learned about the tea in 1922 during a conversation with a patient, an older English woman. Rene noticed

Pros and Cons of Essiac Capsules

Essiac came to the public eye through the tireless work of Canadian nurse Rene Caisse, who used Essiac to treat cancer patients for over 50 years with a plethora of reported successful cases. During her decades of work with Essaic, Caisse exclusively used the mixture in tea

Preparing the Essiac Tea Recipe

If it works, don't change it. - Rene Caisse Making the essiac tea recipe can seem like a lot of work, but after the first time it's a breeze. It's much easier to buy the herbs already mixed. If you have the herbs and

History of the Essiac Tea Formula

Essiac is an herbal remedy that has become a well-known alternative treatment for several medical conditions, including cancer, general inflammation, sinusitis, bacterial/viral/fungal infections, and more. Its roots lie in traditional native medicine, but it has grown into a commercially available, widely distributed product in the past 100

Essiac Tonics and Extracts

The herbal mixture Essiac has emerged as one of the most popular forms of alternative treatment in the past century. Originally created by an Ojibwa healer, the mixture was promoted by Canadian nurse Rene Caisse as a treatment for multiple health conditions, most famously cancer. Caisse only

Essiac Tea Side Effects and Cautions

Essiac tea is generally regarded as being benign concerning side effects, except for standard caution that anyone pregnant or nursing should not use it (which applies to any dietary herbal supplement). People react differently to pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements, while some users experience adverse side effects, others

Essiac Tea for Dogs and Other Pets

How much essiac tea should a dog or cat be given each day? While Rene Caisse's work with her formula did not involve pets, Sheila Snow and Mali Klein (currently the most highly regarded authors of authentic Rene Caisse information) say this about pets in their 1999

Essiac Tea for Diabetes

People use Essiac for a multitude of health conditions, most notably cancer. However, another common use for Essiac is in treatment of diabetes. The discovery of the association between diabetes and Essiac occurred when one of Caisse’s patients with both colon cancer and diabetes not only saw

Essiac Tea Benefits for Health

Since its adoption and promotion by a Canadian nurse nearly 100 years ago, Essiac has become popularly used for several reported health benefits. The herbal mixture’s most widely publicized health-related use is as cancer treatment, whether as adjunctive therapy to standard chemotherapy regimens or as comfort care

Essiac Tea as a Cancer Treatment

When it was originally created by a Canadian Ojibwa healer, the herbal mixture Essiac was generally intended to purify the body and restore/maintain balance between body and spirit. Since the 1920s, it has been found more specifically to have significant biological activity in laboratory experiments, namely antioxidant,