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Essiac Tea : 8 Herbs Better than 4?

There are sources suggesting that the original recipe for Essiac Tea given to Rene Caisse consisted of eight herbs. Others state that the original recipe was four plants and the creation of the eight ingredient recipe was a joint effort with a company afterwards to enhance the

Essiac Recipe Depends on Using the Right Plants

This article appeared in the Bracebridge Examiner on March 29, 1995. It is an interview with Mary Mcpherson, Rene Caisse’s close friend and assistant. An easier to read transcription of the article can be found below the image. Essiac Recipe Depends on Using the Right Plants by

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Do not Inject Essiac tea

In the 1920's, Rene Caisse and Dr. Fisher found it was very dangerous to inject Essiac. However, she worked out a safe solution for injecting sheep sorrel with the other herbs being given orally. The newspaper article below reports a death caused by injecting essiac tea, all

Caution about Essiac Tea Testimonials

The herbal mixture Essiac has become one of the most popular forms of alternative and complementary medicines for the treatment of cancer in the past century. Originally discovered by a native Canadian healer, the formula was adopted and promoted by “Canada’s Cancer Nurse,” a woman named Rene

Amber Bottles for Essiac Tea

Colored or amber bottles are used to protect essiac tea from the degenerative effects of light. You can find them online for as little as 98¢ each or you can use "freebies" you already have. The amber bottles are known in the US as "Amber Boston Round"